Dr. Alams Drops New Single: ‘Hold Me’

Dr. Alams, the ‘Energy’ crooner has dropped the much anticipated single, ‘Hold Me’.

Months after releasing hit tracks like ‘Wahala’ and ‘Energy’, Dr. Alams has finally answered the prayers of his fans by dropping the single ‘Hold Me’. Music veterans who have listened to the song behind closed doors have nothing but good reviews for the single.

Inspired by his forthcoming novel, ‘Victim 21’, ‘Hold Me’ will get you dancing with its unique blend of Afro-Pop and Dancehall, guitar riffs and superb delivery.

Born Kelvin Alaneme, Dr. Alams is a Nigerian writer, singer and medical doctor. He is the Creative Director of Ala Africa, an outfit that specialises in telling original stories using fiction and music.

The listening party will hold in an exclusive WhatsApp group for close friends and fans. It will be released officially thereafter.